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FW 20/21

Design yourself



The new Kulik employee collection is an injection of positive energy in new, pandemic times. Expressive in form and boldly using color, the designs are a tribute to female strength and vitality, but also emphasize her constant readiness for change. When reality becomes more and more demanding, we ourselves want something more than a handbag and Kulik meets these needs.



Create your own unique style by choosing handbags from our latest collection designed especially for women like you. In the line designed for this season, Kulik once again combines its love for minimalism of form, exclusive materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship, offering you the opportunity to personalize your chosen bag and give it a unique character.


The latest projects by Kulik are a new, more expressive version of timeless classics. Additionally, with your individual needs in mind, the studio has prepared a wide range of hand-woven straps and chains that will give each bag a unique character.


You know best how to play with fashion. Experiment and set trends on your own terms by creating your own, unique styles. Choose accessories, design, create. The same bag can change its character from daytime to evening with our exclusive accessories.


You don't have to compromise, you can have it all: quality, design and eco. Kulik brand projects are created using the highest quality materials. The unique colors of our bags are the result of the use of traditional plant dyes in the finishing process, which takes place with care for the natural environment. The very production of each model is in line with the philosophy of slow fashion. The handbag that goes into your hands is the result of the professional work of Polish leathercraft makers. Original accessories, hand-woven belts and metal elements are imported from Italy on special order. The model you choose is shipped in ecological, biodegradable packaging.


We take care of every detail so that you can simply enjoy your dream bag for years. This is why we pay attention to the smallest details. We select the most durable leather threads, and the metal elements are specially coated with varnish to make their golden color durable. The intense colors of the strings used in our exclusive belts are obtained thanks to the best quality dyes. Even the smallest detail is a priority for us, which is why we personally supervise the quality of each model.


This year's collection does not lack the hits so far: like functional and timeless bags, but in a strong, rock version. The new design involved mounting more than forty rivets on narrow elements so that the bag would not lose its original form.

The new line also includes our bestseller - the Modern bag with two classic accessories and a new variation on it - the Tiny Modern version in three different versions. To this end, we reduced its dimensions and attached it to a wide, beautiful belt with which it creates a small work of art. We can attach a braided belt or chain to this model, creating unique stories.

The iconic shape of the Modern bag also became the starting point for the design of the first card wallet. The finished model has a characteristic hatch shape taken from the Modern version.

The collection has also been joined by Mini Pure - A5 sized shoulder bags whose shape and perfect proportions are the answer to the needs of women.



Spring / Summer 2020


Fall in love in spring! Find your beloved bag among new projects prepared with love especially for you!


If you dream of a summer break of colors while maintaining simplicity, we have prepared hand-woven stripes in the boho style in mind. Their unique weave and depth of colors, combined with the minimalism of our new designs, is an absolute "must have" of this season.


New features are also surprising camel accents, which are an interesting complement to deep black and simple shapes

our bags. This season, we do not forget about bold, golden accessories that give our projects an additional edge. If you don't feel like black in the upcoming season, we suggest energetic red and classic lilac. The nobility of their color and texture is the perfect complement to our cost-effective projects.


Our new collection is based on unique leathers that are prepared especially for you in small family tanneries. Its deep color and unique texture are due to a manual tanning process. According to the tradition, during the entire cycle, only natural agents are used, without the addition of chemicals, and the unique color is obtained by using plant dyes.


The beauty of the leathers that go to our studio makes us want to fully emphasize their nobility by creating designs with the most economical form. In order for our bags to be precisely finished, we cooperate with the best craftsmen who manually make each of them on a traditional wooden hoof. Our designs are the result of combining the most modern design and craftsmanship. You have a bag designed and made with love especially for you.